Bench & Bar Coalition:

Judge Allen J. Webster, Jr.

The purpose and mission of the Bench and Bar Coalition Committee is to support the relationship between practicing attorneys and judges for the benefit of the public at large.

Business Development:


Brandon Cherry

George Fatheree

Langston’s Business Development Committee will provide programming and networking opportunities to help Langston’s firm members and individual practitioners develop and strengthen client development skills and create connections to support the growth of their (and their fellow members’) law practice.

Civil Rights:


John Mathews

The Civil Rights Committee monitors civil rights issues relating to political, educational, social and economic equality. The Civil Rights Committee also provides educational and training opportunities for attorneys regarding the appropriate enforcement of civil rights laws and disseminates information regarding emerging issues and best practices in the civil rights arena.



Valarie Dean

Communications is responsible for advertising various Langston-related events throughout the year and publicizing the involvement of Langston members in the community to the broader public by using various social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and other various communications and media platforms.

Corporate Firm Network:


J’me Forrest

Daniel Prince

Corporate Firm Network (“CFN”) (previously known as African-American Attorneys in Downtown Firms: Since its inception in 1993, AADF’s primary focus has been to facilitate the recruitment and retention of African-American attorneys in corporate law firms by fostering a network of business and mentor relationships.  In 2000, AAADF affiliated with the John M. Langston Bar Association as its Business Law Section.  AAADF has mushroomed to become a vital source of information and support for law firm attorneys throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Criminal Law:


Stephen A. King

Andre Townsend



Akili Nickson

Jaia Thomas

The Education Committee has three goals: first, to provide continuing legal education to attorneys through CLE accredited seminars; second, to support our law students as they prepare for the California bar exam by making available to them free bar exam tutorial sessions led by Langston’s esteemed members; and third, to educate and provide a forum where the local community can receive information about emerging legal issues that may impact their lives.

Entertainment Law:

Co- Chairs

Nyanza Shaw
Marjorie Williams

The Entertainment Law Committee provides support and fellowship for lawyers practicing in the entertainment, arts, and sports-related industries and law students interested in pursuing careers in these fields. The committee offer programs and events which serve to educate our members on legal and business issues relevant to entertainment, arts, and sports-related practice areas, facilitate networking with other lawyers and non-lawyers in the entertainment industries, and generally provide a platform for our members to meet and connect with other attorneys with similar interests.


Margo Bouchet


Kweli Coleman

The Finance Committee provides direction for the entire Board on fiscal responsibility. Specifically, the committee is responsible for: (1) creating and approving the annual budget to be submitted to the board for approval; (2) reviewing the organization's revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency; (3) providing a financial analysis for the organization; and (4) ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulations and reporting requirements.

Hall of Fame:


Shonte Perland Abraham

Gary Farwell

The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is to honor African-American and other attorneys that have made significant contributions to Langston and the legal community and have practiced law for more than 35 years. Prior to the Hall of Fame, other bar associations did not honor or acknowledge our legal community or accomplishments to any significant degree. The Hall of Fame began in 1990, as a result of Shirley Henderson’s request to then Langston President Roland Coleman, to honor and recognize the significant legal achievements of African-American attorneys in our community. Also, members of the Hall of Fame Committee will help connect our young lawyers with seasoned and legendary lawyers who are part of their heritage.



Morgan Mallory

In-House Counsel:


Shae Harvey

Diane Robertson

The In-House Counsel Committee will support member lawyers who wish to obtain or already serve as in-house counsel. With activities ranging from promotion of educational events focused on issues facing in-house counsel, to sponsorship of networking mixers, the committee is committed to furthering members' legal networking and business potential.

Judicial Nominations and Endorsements:

Felton Newell

The Judicial Nominations and Evaluations Committee reviews the qualifications of candidates for judicial positions by appointment or election. Evaluations are conducted based on written materials, including completed evaluation forms, and interview of the candidate.

Langston Law Institute:


Judge Rupert Byrdsong

Justin Palmer

Since 2006, the John M. Langston Bar Association annually hosts an event titled the “Langston Law Institute” (“LLI”).  LLI is one of Langston's flagship programs by providing an interesting and cutting edge day-long Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) seminar.  LLI serves the dual purpose of providing top-notch CLE at subsidized costs and showcasing world-class legal minds from the African-American legal community.  


The purpose for the event is several-fold: (1) to put on CLEs with topics of interest to our membership; (2) to provide an opportunity for attorneys of color to present CLEs (i.e., giving them speaking opportunities to help hone their skills); (3) to provide attorneys of color an opportunity to witness other attorneys of color as speakers (giving them inspiration to become a speaker); and (4) to provide lower cost CLEs to our membership. 


LLI is the only local all day CLE seminar featuring an all African-American faculty of panelists and speakers.

Law Student Outreach:


Dominique Brown



Michele B. Anderson

John M. Langston Bar Association has been on the forefront in promoting justice and equal access to all in the Los Angeles community. The Legislation Committee monitors and supports pending local, state and federal legislation that embraces our mission. We also oppose legislation which would be detrimental to the interests of the African-American community. The committee maintains an active network among the other bar associations, as well as community-based organizations.

Membership/Lifetime Membership:


Reema El-Amamy
Tatianna Y. Metters
Tiffany N. Rollins

The purpose of the membership committee is to enhance the viability and visibility of the organization by conveying to members and potential members the organization's benefits and value and promoting the organization to maintain and grow the membership numbers.

The purpose of the Lifetime Membership Committee is to enhance the viability and visibility of Association by increasing the financial commitment and investment in our organization through Lifetime Membership. Also, Lifetime Membership will help connect our young lawyers with seasoned and legendary lawyers who are part of their heritage.

Outreach and Community Action:

Nicholas J. McGrue

The Outreach and Community Action committee is the community-based arm of the Association, dedicated to increasing the student-to-professional pipeline, as well as provide pro bono services to the underserved public. The Outreach and Community Action committee conducts regular activities at local middle schools and high schools which expose students to life skills, career development, college preparation, and cultural experiences.

Past President:


Marie Maurice


Latrice A. Byrdsong

Nyanza Shaw

The Scholarship Committee is dedicated to raising funds to support outstanding and deserving law students and young attorneys of color.  We provide scholarships for law students based on financial need and merit through a rigorous evaluation process which includes a written application and interview.  We also sponsor paid fellowships by partnering with local law firms which provide opportunities for young attorneys to further develop their legal skills.

The Langston Bar Association is pleased to announce that our 2019-20 Scholarship Application is now closed.

Young Lawyers:


Tiffany Gelott

Tanya Taylor

The purpose of the Young Lawyers Committee (YLC) is to create and educate a professional and social network for future and practicing African-American attorneys, and to enhance the visibility of African-American attorneys in the Los Angeles area.  A “young lawyer” is generally defined as an attorney who (a) is 35 years of age or younger or (b) was admitted to practice law ten years ago or less.  Also, the YLC will be responsible for programs, events and panels connecting young lawyers with seasoned and legendary lawyers and judges in Southern California.

Youth Outreach Committee:


Kimberly S. Toney
Ludlow B. Creary, II

Members at Large:

V. Ahda Sands

Al Smith

Danny Strum

Amanda Murray

Members at Large may be appointed to the Board of Directors by the President to provide counsel or assistance with ad hoc projects through the year. 

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