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Alphamorlai Lamine Kebeh 
UCLA School of Law
“Born in Athens, Greece, Alphamorlai Kebeh moved to Worcester, Massachusetts as a youth. There he established and organized two city-wide competitive sports tournaments, the Let's Play Hoops league and the Worcester World Cup. He continued to contribute to these tournaments while studying political science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass). Prior to law school, Morlai served as a member of the university’s Center for Education Policy and Advocacy, where he lobbied for affordable higher education. In addition, he participated in the Suffolk County Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars Program, emerging victorious in the program's moot court competition.
At the UCLA School of Law, Morlai found new outlets for his passion for sports and helping others, while also exploring new interests. He has served as a mentor in UCLA's Law Fellows program, externed at Wasserman Media Group, and written analytic literature on intellectual property law, all while actively playing on the law school’s basketball team. Currently, Morlai is focused on securing employment at a firm where he can manifest his interests in intellectual property and sports while contributing to the campaign against racial injustice. In his spare time, Morlai enjoys playing basketball, dancing, and listening to music."
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