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Embracing Transition

Transition is change.  It is life’s way of asking us to reexamine our present way of being and force us to develop and grow as individuals. As we move into the next season and the world starts to open back up again, we are all in a state of transition.  While there is still a lot of uncertainty, we have the opportunity to lean into all the changes resulting from the pandemic. While we will never go back to “normal,” rather than fearing change we can see it as a new adventure that has the potential to improve our lives, both personally and professionally. We can embrace the changes and choose to adapt and grow from them. We can celebrate change.
This month, Langston is celebrating the transition of this year’s graduates as they begin preparing for the Bar Exam and life after law school.  It is an exciting time for them to focus on the positive and utilize their capabilities to rise up to this next chapter. Langston wishes them all the best as they move towards joining the ranks of legal professionals and we are confident that they will soar despite all the challenges they have faced.

To learn more about some of the outstanding members of the Class of 2021 featured in this year’s Digital Yearbook, check out the link below.

Nyanza Shaw, Esq.
President, John M. Langston Bar Association
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