President's Message

We Have to Take Care of Us!
In the past month alone, we have once again been witness to several violent crimes committed by the police against people of color. Continuing to see these graphic visuals of our people getting murdered is traumatic and compounded by a history of trauma and violence against us. We continue to not only have to deal with the mental pressures of continued injustices against our people, but we are also still adjusting to the severe lifestyle and professional changes caused by the pandemic.
While the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case has given us some respite, Minnesota
Attorney General Keith Ellison made this poignant statement shortly after the verdict: "I would not call today's verdict justice, however, because justice implies true restoration. But it is accountability, which is the first step towards justice, and now the cause of justice is in your hands." Without question, there is so much more work we need to do! And even though we may feel tired at times, we know we must continue to persevere. This starts with educating ourselves about the next steps. I am excited to share that Langston Bar will be holding a special forum on police accountability on May 12th, we hope you will join us for this important conversation. See the flyer below for details.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We must prioritize taking care of our mental health. Even though there are frequent disappointments and challenges we face that are mentally and emotionally draining, this month reminds us that self-care is extremely important for all of us. Please… go for a walk, sit at the beach, catch up with a friend, or, if necessary, seek professional help from a therapist.  
Wishing you all good health,
Nyanza Shaw, Esq.
President, John M. Langston Bar Association