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Scholarship Recipient


Loyola Law School

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams always had a balance of an active outside life and productive alone time.  From a young age, she played several sports, including: baseball, basketball, cheerleading,  dance, gymnastics, soccer, and track. Although she liked she get rough and dirty when she  played, Jessica also liked to sit down and write whenever an idea popped into her head. Even at  school, Jessica’s writing skills were well-known. From around the second grade, she had been  writing short stories that centered around her friends at school. At home, when she played with  dolls with her best friend, she created many dramatic storylines that touched on romance,  comedy, mystery, and even horror.

In the fifth grade, she had a journal that she updated with all her classmates’ interesting  quirks and dramas. She continued to write yearly journals into middle school and all the way  through her undergraduate career at UCLA. As she begins her 1L year at Loyola Law School, she  continues to journal because she dreams of one day showing them to her kids so they can better  understand her younger days. In addition to journaling, Jessica realizes that she must publish her  books. Besides bringing satisfaction to herself and reaching her goals, she dreams her stories will  serve the purpose of teaching others the lessons she learned over the years in an interesting and  entertaining way. Today, she has two published books on Amazon titled What You Wish They  Would’ve Told You and What Lies Outside.

Now in law school, Jessica aims to work in the criminal justice field and specialize in the representation of juveniles in LA. She sees a dire need for adult intervention in the youth of  today, and she prides herself on the idea that every child deserves a chance to start a new path and build their character. In the future, she imagines herself advocating for youth offenders in the  courtroom and collaborating with organizations that can provide financial and material resources  to underserved families.

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