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Past Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

I received scholarships in 2010 and 2011 from the John M. Langston Bar Association, during my second and third year term at UCLA School of Law. As a first generation college/law student from the East Coast, and of a humble background, financing my legal education was always a priority and task, especially during the economic crash.  The John M. Langston Bar Association scholarship significantly helped me with the cost of books and tuition, as well as, provided me the resources and opportunity to take unpaid internships that provided priceless experience while helping the Los Angeles community like California Lawyers for the Arts. Without the Langston Scholarship, my time in law-school would have been much different. The fact that the Langston Bar Association directly invested in the education of students like me touched my heart so much that I have been on the Langston Board since 2009. The Langston Scholarship allowed me to significantly defray the costs of my bar study program. I credit the Langston Scholarship for allowing me to stay in Los Angeles, pass the California Bar Exam the first time and begin my career serving the Los Angeles community in both the public and private sector. I am forever grateful to Langston.

- Antonio K.

2010 and 2011 Scholarship Recipient

Scholarships mean a reward for the past, opportunity for the future, and motivation for the present.  The scholarship that I received from the John M. Langston Bar Association undoubtedly did all three for me.  I received funds and a Kaplan Bar Review course from the Langston Bar in 2016 when I was in my third year of law school.  At the time, I did not have a job, a bar review course or a way to get to a live bar review course even if I had one. The bar review course I received helped reduce the stress of trying to figure out how to study for the bar without the resources that my classmates had. The scholarship helped me pay rent so that I could be close to my Kaplan Bar Review course at Loyola Law School, lightened my financial burden to allow me to dedicate more of my time to studying, helped me pay medical expenses as I got very sick while studying and helped me make my first loan payment once the deferment period ended while I waited on my bar results. After I successfully passed the bar, I received a job offer and am currently employed at a labor, employment and education law firm that serves public entities ranging anywhere from large cities to community colleges.  Ultimately, the Langston scholarship made the difference between securing my future and falling short of my dreams.   I am now motivated to help future students achieve their dreams and get connected with Langston. I currently serve as the Langston Law Student Liaison, where I make sure that students attending law schools throughout Southern California have access to the multitude of resources that Langston affords to students, whether that be networking opportunities or helpful bar tutorial sessions.

- Ashley B.

2016 Scholarship Recipient

As a law student, there were two things about which I was always worried: finals and finances. I attended UCLA School of Law where I was enrolled in the Public Interest Law and Policy (PILP) Program. The program was designed to prepare people to serve in the non-profit and government sectors, with a focus on serving low-income individuals and people of color. The running joke was that in order to reach our goals, we had to be low-income, too! Money was definitely tight, but I knew I was doing the right thing for my community and my future. That’s why I was so honored (and relieved) to receive the John M. Langston Bar Association Scholarship during my second and third-year of law school. It helped to relieve a great deal of financial stress over the summer and while preparing for the Bar Exam. But even more, it was a constant reminder that my adopted community of Black lawyers in Los Angeles was willing to invest in ME and my future success.  I will forever feel indebted to the Langston Bar Association not only for stepping-up and stepping-in on behalf of law students every year; but also for showing me what service looked like through their giving, mentorship, and educational programs! The scholarship, and the community, were an integral part of my success and well-being in law school, and I hope that this organization continues to receive financial support from sponsors, as they pay it forward in a huge way. Thank you Langston!

- Caliph S.

2011, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

To receive the John M. Langston Bar Association scholarships during my 1L and 2L years were not only a welcomed source of income that eased the thoughts of my loans to come, but a sign of encouragement. A sign that told me I was part of something significant, with a meaningful future and a community of friends and mentors who continue to shape my life and career to this day. Currently, I am a litigation associate at a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles and am forever thankful to Langston for its support!

- Rosa N.

2011, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

As a third year law student, I received a scholarship from the John M. Langston Bar Association. I remain forever grateful to Langston for the recognition and vote of confidence. The financial assistance was critical to assuring I would have the resources needed to finish my law school education, and prepare for the Bar Exam. But perhaps as important, if not more, was the psychological impact of being recognized by a group of lawyers who I respect and admire. The Langston scholarship gave me confidence knowing that a group of attorneys felt that I belonged in the profession, and were there for me to support my growth and advancement. Since receiving the scholarship, I have remained in touch with members of Langston, including Judge Rupert Byrdsong, who was Vice President of Langston when I received my scholarship. Over ten years later, now a City Attorney, former State Commissioner and active member of the profession, I look forward to bringing my journey full circle as Judge Byrdsong will administer my oath of office as I am sworn in as the incoming President of the Charles Houston Bar Association in Oakland, CA. Thank you Langston. Forever grateful. An investment in our future is an investment worth making!

- Eric C.

2006 Scholarship Recipient

Since receiving the John M. Langston Bar Association scholarship in 2010, I graduated from Loyola Law School.  During my tenure at Loyola Law School I served as Co-President of the Black Law Students Association, participated in the Hobbs Program, and was a mentor in the Young Lawyers Program.  While in law school, I was a law clerk or judicial extern at the United States District Court, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the Office of the City Attorney, and for the United States Attorney’s Office as well as for the California Court of Appeal. Upon graduation, I worked at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office as a Volunteer Deputy City Attorney. After that, I worked for Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers as a Staff Attorney where I represented parents in juvenile dependency hearings.  Since 2013, I have been employed as a Deputy District Attorney.  I have been involved in the John M.  Langston Bar Association as a board member. Additionally, I am involved with the Black Alumni Council of Loyola Law School, and the Black Prosecutors of Los Angeles.  I serve as a mentor to current law students and sit on various other boards. Receiving the scholarship from the Langston Bar Association was a true blessing as the costs associated with law school can be daunting.  I was able to use the funds to help offset what can otherwise be crippling debt.  Furthermore, although I had long been a supporter of the organization, receiving the scholarship helped to solidify my commitment to the Langston Bar Association and all of the good and important work the organization does in the community. I was honored to be chosen as a scholarship recipient and truly believe in the saying “to whom much is given, much is required.” To that end, in both my personal and professional life, I remain of service as a way of giving back what Langston gave to me.

Morgan M.

2010 Scholarship Recipient

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