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Dante Paul II
Southwestern Law School
Dante Paul is from South Central Los Angeles specifically the Crenshaw District. He is at 3L Southwestern Law School. He is the former President and Vice President of the Southwestern BLSA chapter. Additionally, he is also a fellow of the Southwestern Negotiations Honors Program. Lastly, Dante Interned at Universal Music Publishing Music Group in the Business and Legal Affairs Office. Though Dante is extremely interested and eager to practice law in sports, media, and entertainment, he is passionate about social justice issues. He believes that it is important that he stays true to his community, his perspective, and his culture while being portrayal of positivity. He truly grateful, thankful and honored to be receiving his Juris Doctorate and he hopes to bring something unique to the legal profession—not just his social circumstances but also the unwavering and ambitious attitude that was given to me by my community. He hopes to provoke challenging conversation and action on inequality, while encapsulating the perspective of his blackness that is too often overlooked.
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